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Adventurous Slime by Jon-Smitten Adventurous Slime :iconjon-smitten:Jon-Smitten 126 17
My Lore: Main Overview
Here is the main hub of my online archive, where I catalog all the information on my original characters & universes.
For this overview page, I introduce the worlds I have and what's inside them, and the stories that happen in them.
At the end of each segment, I will also be linking to specific sub-pages that go in-depth on that particular universe, providing details on the specific characters, story/stories, ideas and speculations, trivia and misc info etc. (##To-Do##)
All this lore came to be when I first wanted to make a computer game, and it was suggested that I should implement a story to go along with it. In the attempt to do so, I considered a lot of ideas (from both external sources and random bits of inspiration) and developed them with my own preferences/style, and gradually this came about... and there you go.
Presently, the stories still have large holes that I need to fill before I can consider them complete. But some day, I'd really want to see them be complete and re
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Adventurous Slime
Completed in May 2017.


The inspiration for the idea came when I found some drawings on the internet of a slime eating a human, then morphing into the shape of said human. Heh. Well, eating other people sounds too morbid for this bubbly character so scratch that. Instead, this character is an ordinary slime who felt that they were always the punching bag of RPGs, so she decided, "screw that, I wanna be an adventurer too!"

Even though there aren't any vital organs to protect, this slime girl got a shield and some armor to wear anyway so she can convince people she's a real adventurer. When fighting, she just ditches the armor so she can make full use of her slime body's EVA Up+, but keeps the sword so she can actually attack things. With that, she embarks on a quest to be the best, and to fight for what is right and save the kingdom from the clutches of the evil empire! What adventures and perils await her? What allies and adversaries will she meet? Will she ever rescue the grieving Prince Charming before it is too late? Find out in the next episode ==> *ending credits*

Man, I should write a light novel on this. :P
Here is the main hub of my online archive, where I catalog all the information on my original characters & universes.

For this overview page, I introduce the worlds I have and what's inside them, and the stories that happen in them.
At the end of each segment, I will also be linking to specific sub-pages that go in-depth on that particular universe, providing details on the specific characters, story/stories, ideas and speculations, trivia and misc info etc. (##To-Do##)

All this lore came to be when I first wanted to make a computer game, and it was suggested that I should implement a story to go along with it. In the attempt to do so, I considered a lot of ideas (from both external sources and random bits of inspiration) and developed them with my own preferences/style, and gradually this came about... and there you go.

Presently, the stories still have large holes that I need to fill before I can consider them complete. But some day, I'd really want to see them be complete and ready for an audience. So I'd love any feedback for anything over here: criticisms, alternate ideas, adding on more ideas, or just plain support? ^_^ In any case, have fun browsing the archives! :P
Do note that most of these stories were designed to be implemented into a game, so they may feel "lite" and there are segments for open-ended activity, meant for the player to do his own thing.

Notes regarding the archive:
  • While talking about universes and worlds and such, it can soon become confusing about what kind of thing I'm talking about exactly. So I'll define some terms to reduce ambiguity as best as I can:
    • A dimension is an axis of freedom/movement.
      • I differentiate between the terms "dimension" and "universe" (defined below). I used to call my different universes "Dimension Xyz", but this became very confusing when I started talking about existence/space in multiple dimensions and "hyperdimensional" entities (entities who can travel across more dimensions than our usual 4 in spacetime, and generally break physics whenever they appear).
    • A Globe or Planet is a continuous surface of land and ocean, and all the ground underneath. They do not necessarily form a sphere in space, and can form other shapes like an infinitely flat plane or even the interior of a sphere instead. I will capitalize this term, and the non-capitalized version will refer to its original meaning in proper English.
    • A universe is a unique plane of space and time. Different universes will also probably have different physical laws and original states (which I call "seeds", as in seeding a pseudo-RNG). A universe can contain one or multiple Planets. Universes are completely unrelated to and do not affect one another, unless they are part of the same Cluster.
      • An alternate universe is a universe with a very similar set of physical laws and/or seed to an already-defined universe (the "base universe"). In essence, an Alternate universe is a tweaked version of the base universe, being the same in almost all aspects but just different in a few ways. (e.g. Earth but with different people and locations, or Earth but with magic instead.)
    • A story is a sequence of closely related events that occur relatively close in space and time. I don't use the term in a strictly narrative sense; the core idea is just "a sequence of events".
    • A wormhole or pair of portals will refer to a connection between universes, that allow them to interact by passing physical objects to each other.
    • A Cluster will refer to a set of universes that affect each other in some way, and can be connected to each other via portals. I will capitalize Cluster to refer to this specific usage. A universe that does not interact with any other universes (i.e. does not belong to any Cluster) will be termed a standalone universe.
    • A multiverse is a set of universes and/or Clusters who do not interact with each other, but share some common trait(s). For example, they have similar appearances and/or physical laws, or they have similar origins and/or history.
    • A world is a general term that can contextually mean a Planet, universe, story, Cluster or multiverse. It can also refer to the general circumstances around a person, group of people, place or event. I avoid using this term where I can in favour of something more specific, but generality has its uses sometimes.
  • I make references to TVTropes articles or other articles sometimes, as additional descriptions for, or elaborations of, the subject.
  • Anything and everything is subject to change, as I refine or get new ideas, or decide old ones are too flawed.

Thus, we're ready to move on.
My lore can be organized into the Rhythmatic Universe, the Fantasiq Multiverse, and a handful of misc universes.

Cooltext239749072499843 by Jon-Smitten

-------{   INTRODUCTION   }-------

Rhythmatic is the name of my very first game concept, and was in development from mid-2010 to 2011. It is a top-down bullet hell game inspired by Touhou, but the gimmick was that it could read audio data and spawn bullet patterns to match it, i.e. a rhythm game that improvises based on what it hears. (Like Audiosurf.)
Eventually I added the more conventional "Story Mode" and "Survival Mode", and was suggested to come up with a story for the former (it used to be just a wordless set of stages).
Of course, being my pioneer project, I eventually came to realise that it was riddled with design flaws in pretty much every aspect. The project has since fallen into "indefinitely postponed" status, but I treasure it for the nostalgia and to remind me how it all started, as well as the quality and style I aspire towards. Some day I hope I will have the skills and inspiration to revitalize this project and finally see it take off.

-------{   WORLD BACKGROUND   }-------

The universe that this story takes place in is a modern high fantasy setting (something like Pokémon) which supports the existence of the four elements as magic: water, earth, fire and air. All four elements are abundant across the globe but distribution is not uniform. Where an element is overly saturated, it manifests into Sprites: condensed clusters of magic that indiscriminately fly around and discharge magic towards other objects.
Additionally, the Planet is significantly smaller and thus has less gravity than ours. This allows tall, floating and flying things (whether plants, animals, landscapes or man-made objects) to become more prevalent.

The Magic System:

Every person is innately capable of manipulating the four elements (a la Avatar: The Last Airbender), but their strengths for each element differ. Any given person can be skilled in multiple elements, or weak in all of them. It's kinda like academic aptitude, where each element is an academic subject. (Of course, there are actual academics in the world too.) This magic can be used to manipulate the environment to various extents, but all of them can also be discharged (i.e. "shot") in its pure form from the body (usually from the hands) as projectiles. Multiple elements can be combined in this pure form of magic, and when all four elements are mixed in, the result is colloquially called "white magic" (because it glows white, duh).

The four magic schools are called aeromancy, pyromancy, hydromancy and geomancy for air, fire, water and earth respectively. Philosophical/spiritual benefits aside, each provide some practical advantages:
  • Aeromancy allows you to fly, with skill determining how much speed and control you have, and whether you need additional tools to help channel the magic to let you fly properly. Those who are poor at aeromancy may only be able to jump high and glide but not actually achieve true flight. Any kind of flight, especially those strong enough to keep people in the air, will generate ferocious winds though. Aeromancy also allows you to direct wind blasts, with skill determining how much power and control you have.
  • Pyromancy lets you conjure fire, pretty direct. Skill determines how much power and control you have. Useful for impromptu campfires, heating and light.
  • Hydromancy clears the flow of energies within your body, so to speak. Using it gives you faster recovery from practically anything, both magical and physical. Those with a high enough level can push and pull water directly, and actually lets you breathe in water if you're really good. Also helps to keep you dry in rain.
  • Geomancy increases your physicality: strength, stamina, endurance, constitution etc. More skill makes you become the Hulk, basically, but of course people usually fall far short of that level. Also, you tend to be better at gardening, tracking and other outdoor/"dirty" activities due to being able to sense the earth.
Trees and other foliage are naturally tough against magic so no one will be decimating forests anytime soon. Be at ease.


The humans in this universe are visually similar to our world's, but biologically they are weaker but far more resilient. A prominent example is that they possess a soft "exoskeleton" just below the skin (in addition to the usual human skeleton) that protects very well against physical damage. All humans also have a "magical shield" surrounding their body (it's actually part of the biology of their skin), which help to absorb and disperse any magical energy they come in contact with that rises to a dangerous level. Magical projectile fights have thus been a popular way to settle conflicts in a non-lethal manner, as draining someone's shield only causes them to faint from magical exhaustion, opposed to actually dying. (Sustained magical attacks can put someone into a long period of paralysis though. But it will all recover fully, eventually.)

Life is peaceful and idyllic. Since people's magical power depends on the magical saturation in their direct environment, any environmental damage can be intimately felt by them. So, everyone are tree huggers, and civilization is really eco-friendly. The landscape is generally countryside, with few cities.

-------{   STORY   }-------

The protagonists of this story are Marilyn and Theresa, my very first two official OCs. (I call them M&T for short.) They are a pair of mid-teen classmates and best buds who chanced upon some inter-universal shenanigans.

The rough idea of the story has them going on a self-motivated quest to uncover and investigate a related series of quirky things going on in their world, brawling with various people along the way. They finally catch up to Alison and Edison (whom I call A&E for short), the perpetrators of the incidents, and duel with them. On defeat, A&E explain everything that has been going on and concede to restoring things to the proper order.

There are 10 stages total, including the final A&E boss fight.

Another notable character along the way is Lewiset (nickname: Lewy) whom M&T battle in Stage 4. She's their senior and extremely gregarious. She joins M&T for some of the stages after her battle, to allow you to 3v1 (or 3v2 in the case of A&E) some of the stage bosses who realistically are too powerful for two teenagers to take on by themselves.

Even though the story has been revised once (the current version is Version Two), the details are still embarrassingly terrible so I'll bail. :I

In any case, A&E reveal themselves to be "etherians": specialists in a fifth school of magic, ether. Where the other four elements are abundant in the natural world, ether is the stuff that exists in the space beyond the clouds, between the stars. What this means is that unlike the natural elements, ether is associated with "unnatural" things; specifically, the ability to mess with space and time and other transcendental stuff. The concept of ether has already been around for centuries, but treated as superstition. Ether also called "black magic" due to both its mysterious nature and it being the antithesis to the white magic of the natural elements.

A&E play a role that can be thought of as inter-universal peacekeeping, among other things. The incidents that M&T's universe had to deal with were some unavoidable side effects of A&E trying to resolve some greater problems. After the final boss fight, M&T are hired by A&E as voluntary helpers for inter-universal peacekeeping odd jobs, thus setting the stage for future installments to happen in other universes, as well as getting to know A&E and the etherians in general more.

Rhythmatic was therefore originally a multiverse, and the original universe that M&T hail from is called Universe Dracinea. I designed other universes with the intent to make them as unrelated as possible, just to show how much variety universes are supposed to have, but only recently did I realise that by doing so, they may as well be standalone universes with no relation to the original premise. Thus, they are related to Rhythmatic by name only and I have listed them under the "Other Universes" section below instead.

//link to dedicated Rhythmatic Universe article pending

Cooltext239749857943793 by Jon-Smitten

-------{   INTRODUCTION   }-------

While Rhythmatic was stalling, I had ideas for other games in the meantime. I realised that a large collection of these games shared a similar theme of town-building and adventuring, so I decided one day to bring them all under one banner: this megaproject called Project Fantasiq.

Most of the individual ideas came around 2013 to 2014.

The individual games in Project Fantasiq vary in scope from RPG, RTS (even grand strategy and 4X), colony sim, and god-like sandbox. You can think of it as Minecraft meets RTS, with a JRPG feel. The games, while implementing many similar concepts such as adventuring, town building, party members, and town defence, also have their own unique focuses, stylistic differences and content. At the same time, they were similar enough to noticeably be related to each other, not only in game mechanics but possibly in story as well. Since I couldn't combine them all into one giant game nor split them into deservedly separate games, I have decided to dub Project Fantasiq a "mega-game" as a compromise.

As part of the sandbox feature, I intend for Project Fantasiq to be able to generate arbitrarily many universes. These are purely meant for the player to play out their own story a la true open world style, and are not part of the official storyline for Project Fantasiq.

-------{   WORLD BACKGROUND   }-------

The official stories of Project Fantasiq take place in a single Cluster of 13 universes.

Lozru, The Central Universe:

Most of the stories take place on the central universe, Lozru, which is most similar to your typical high-fantasy setting. The Planet in focus (no actual name yet, so I'll dub it Loz-P) is inhabited by many sentient races who claim land, build communities, and pass on science and culture (Sid Meier's Civilization much), which I'll refer to as the "civilized" or "main" races:
(I'm not including physical descriptions. You can look up their names for their key features.)
  • Humans: Prejudiced, narcissistic ape-descendants who have a tendency to analyse and manipulate others for survival and personal gain, on both individual and communal levels. While all races can resort to underhanded means, humans are the most predisposed as they have few other strengths. (The vast majority is not actually like that, but the habit is a fair bit more frequent than in the other races and prominent enough to warrant attention.) They are found in mild, temperate areas.
  • High elves: A race with a high affinity for nature and its magic, and are rather inclined towards peaceful diplomacy and academic pursuits. They make their towns in the trees.
  • Orcs: A strong, brutish race who inhabit the arid regions of the land. They believe in hard labour and excel at tasks that require raw strength and determination. (No, they aren't rock-dumb or have warrior's honour. Individual traits vary.)
  • Imps: Numerous, hyperactive child-like people with light red skin. Weak individually, they are relatively simple-minded and materialistic, but have an insane sense of teamwork and team spirit, and are unparalleled in raw industry/manufacturing power. They tend to lead medium-sized but highly successful settlements, though towns of other races who are able to draw them in benefit from their work as well. They will get lazy if they get treated too well though. (While they work hard, that doesn't mean they like it.) Remarkably, imps never consent to war with other imps, so if both sides in a war have imps, expect all the imps to drop out.
  • Dark elves: A race that prizes hunting, and serenity. They enjoy quiet, natural places and keep their towns small and non-invasive. They have a knack for being evasive.
  • Harpies: A flying race known for their thieving habits and artistic pursuits. Their strength hinges on their cultural fortitude, knowledge of area, speed and diplomacy. (See Zauryu.)
  • Dragonkin: Also colloquially known as "dracons" or "drakens" (both pronounced the same: DREH-kuhns), dragonkin are a proud, territorial race who have high abilities all-round. They live very long but have a low fertility rate. They form small communities in the mountains, and have little interest in anything beyond their own borders, nor do they seek to expand them. However, they will defend their territory and possessions fiercely. Harpies are cautious of them.
  • Merfolk: They don't interact with the other races much due to being the only race underwater, and keep to themselves since neither party is interested in the other's territory. Even though communication is poor, the merfolk treat land-(or air-)dwellers with passive interest and an open mind: They respond to respect with respect, and hostility with hostility. They expand their towns at their own pace since they have no competitors. They are spiritually inclined.
(If I could make an analogy of the races' specialties: Humans are negotiators and social scientists, elves are academics, orcs are sports / primary industry, imps are secondary industry (construction and manufacturing), dark elves are technical experts and field operatives, harpies are entertainment/service and reconnaissance and logistics specialists, dragonkin are... strong everywhere and take up elite/leadership positions, and merfolk are... well, contextual.)

Apart from the main races, there also exist "wild" races, who are sentient species but are generally alone or in low-profile communities, and their global population is generally much lower than the main races. Some are more commonly found as a minority in other races' communities though.

  • Kitsune: A proud and sometimes mischievous, but kind and virtuous race, kitsune form small communities in the forests. They are quick in both feet and wit, and have a knack for illusion magic. They are very long-lived but have low fertility much like the dragonkin. I still classify them as a "wild" race because they are hardly interested in societal progress.
  • Centaurs: A communal race who are approachable, and make medium-sized settlements in forests and fields. They live well with nature and do not bother too much with technology or expansion.
  • Lamiae: Solitary and are usually around shady places. They are actually quite approachable and most are found as part of larger communities, because they cannot survive as well in the wild (most prey is too small to be coiled around by a body that big, the striking speed suffers because of the size as well, and the large body means more food has to be consumed).
  • Arachne: Solitary and usually hide in dark, enclosed places, waiting for wildlife to get caught in their webs. They are generally antisocial and don't like being disturbed, although some may develop a curiosity for civilized culture with an opportunity and their free time.
  • Girtablilu: Solitary and usually seen around rocky places such as mesas, canyons and mountains. They don't speak much (or may not even know any languages), are cautious and may be easily provoked.
  • Alraunes: Can be solitary or with a small community of other races, or even in towns; they are remarkably open to other races. Will always be around forested areas.
  • Slimes: Relatively delicate and simple-minded, they can only be found at certain freshwater sources, in small communities. Their sensitive biology means they are hardly encountered far from their natural habitats.
  • (and quite a few others...)
All of these races have spread across the globe, however there are further subspecies that are local to their respective regions. (Yes, this applies to the humans as well. No arbitrary exceptions to the rule. >:) )

Finally, there exists normal wildlife. However after a certain point in time, the Planet also gets overrun by more numerous and aggressive creatures, called monsters. (Head down to the Story section to see how it happened.)

The Auxiliary Universes:

Surrounding Lozru are 10 auxiliary universes, split into 5 Colours (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple) and 2 Alignments (Holy and Evil) such that each universe has a Colour and Alignment.
Each Colour represents a theme:
  • Red: basal desire/emotion
  • Yellow: power/energy
  • Green: physical health
  • Blue: spirituality
  • Purple: cosmic order
As such, the specific theme for each universe is:
  • Red Holy - Love: A land of soft breezy sunsets, red satin and draping curtains, lots of cloth and fluffy animals in general. Quiet and private. (ok I admit idk what to put in this universe yet)
  • Red Evil - Carnage: Halfway between normal landscapes and a womb level; a land where everything is tainted red and the ground bleeds. Various fleshy growths and organs sprout everywhere, and anything that can move is probably out hunting for anything else that can also move.
  • Yellow Holy - Strength: A dark and stormy thundercloud world, but you can actually walk on the clouds and the lightning shocks but doesn't kill you, instead leaving you a little dazed but energized and physically boosted. It's like visiting your homie Thor for a rock-out at his house, who needs energy drinks pssh.
  • Yellow Evil - Exhaustion: An industrial wasteland filled with rust, acrid smoke and aggressive machinery, and when the ground isn't metal, it is coarse, acidic gravel.
  • Green Holy - Healing: A dense jungle with exotic foliage and wildlife. Some life are aggressive but the plants (and maybe some animals too) provide really nutritious and healing products, like magic spring water or panacea fruits. Maybe you can meet some alraunes or dryads. :P
  • Green Evil - Poison/Disease: An extensive complex of caverns, filled with mud, grime and putrid pools, and toxic mushrooms and life. Some of the fungi, liquids and animals glow green.
  • Blue Holy - Clarity: A vast, empty world of endless sky and clear ocean water. There are occasional floating oracle structures on the ocean, made of gleaming silver and crafted with precision, designed to provide introspective answers and to commemorate points in space and time.
  • Blue Evil - Delusion: A dark cyberspace world of neon light, space stations and glowing thrusters and hexagon walls. Both the environment and its denizens can unpredictably "glitch": making instantaneous changes of varying degrees to themselves: Walls can appear or disappear, items (or just segments of them) can duplicate or teleport and so can the resident life, parts of space can go missing and/or re-appear elsewhere etc. Basically, don't trust anything to act like it should.
  • Purple Holy - Order: A seemingly infinite mansion (mostly interior, but with windows and gardens and other such outdoor features as well, with a visible sky and day/night cycle), whose inhabitants operate in a strict but very effective social structure.
  • Purple Evil - Chaos: A land filled with massive scars of whatever once was, and hideous, psychological, eldritch horrors who continually threaten to progressively evolve and consume what already exists. (See Cavienne for a visual glimpse.)
(Note: I only gave a general description of each universe. I actually intend for each universe to have its own variety of biomes, as diverse as Lozru's own set.)

The Sun and Moon:

Finally, there is the Great Sun Titius and the Dark Moon Umera, who contain the land of the Gods and the land of the Dead respectively. (Heaven and Hell, if you will.) Both cast their glow on Lozru as they take turns passing overhead in the sky, which maintain a balance of "holy energy" and "evil energy" on Loz-P.

The Sun and Moon are actually the only naturally-occurring portals in the Cluster. However, they are practically unreachable, so no one has been able to cross to the other side (while still living). The only evidence of them being actual portals is that they emanate Holy and Evil energy respectively, which can only come from the Realms of the Gods and the Dead respectively. Interestingly, Titius is visible from all the Holy universes as well, and similarly with Umera and the Evil universes. Though unlike in Lozru, Titius and Umera remain in the sky throughout the day, never setting, for their respective universes.

Final Overview of the Cluster:

I like to visualise the 13 universes as being arranged in an icosahedral shape, like this:

13 Worlds by Jon-Smitten

I stress that this is just a visual representation; each universe still occupies an entire 4-dimensional plane. But each universe is capable of influencing the rest, particularly when the balance of Holy/Evil energy is involved.

(Who named all these universes anyway, in-universe? I don't know. :P The same people who named the gods? But then who named the gods? Did they name themselves? Or maybe one of the proto-mortals pointed their finger at the gods and said "wah wah!", the other proto-mortals decide that's how they're going to refer to the gods, and eventually even the gods themselves started calling each other "wah wah". Who knows? :D )


Gods are the personifications of the forces of nature of each universe. Each god specializes in a particular domain, which they control and manage.

Gods possess avatars that mortals can interact with, though said interaction won't affect the god in any physical way (e.g. punching it won't harm the god whatsoever), since it is merely an interface that the god manifests.

Even though gods appear omnipotent, there is one thing they do not have that mortals do: Free will - the ability to decide on, act upon and change your own code. Gods are bound by divine duty to serve without fail, which is reflected in their unchanging personality. After all, a frivolous god translates to a volatile set of physical laws, which creates an inconsistent and chaotic universe. They do, however, possess some freedom in their mannerisms.
Mortals are conversely free to think and act however they want, and change their own behaviour whenever and however they wish.

As a side note:
The gods have no need to cooperate with or impress mortals, thus the only reason they ever conform to social norms and manners is that they just feel like it. They are amoral, and do not care for anything that would normally please or offend mortals. Remember: the gods were here when civilization was barbaric, they are still here now, nothing is private to them, and they are apathetic about it all. They are the ones who allow bombs to explode and earthquakes and floods to consume millions of lives, and who will punish an engineering mistake by collapsing a building. At the same time, they reward those who are able to figure them out, such as those who know where to find arable land, those who know how to read the stars, and those who know how to heal others. Thus comes sayings like gods treat kings and beggars the same way.

Every universe has their own pantheon of gods. Lozru has five gods:
  • Norvanylle: God of the Heavens. Norvanylle oversees all weather and astrological phenomena. She is the one mortals know second-best (behind Charserrys), and has quite a proud personality. She also has another duty that is much lesser known to mortals, and that is to act as the ambassador and protector of Lozru towards the gods of the other universes.
  • Charserrys: God of the Earth. Charserrys is the domestic counterpart to Norvanylle, overseeing matters regarding the physical land itself, such as the soil, rocks and plant life. She has adopted a motherly role towards mortals, providing resources and being the most contactable god. This is despite finding that time and time again, the mortals harm her a bit too much.
  • Xcrimnia: God of the Flesh. Xcrimnia is interesting amongst the gods in that she does not have any active role at present. She was initially tasked with seeding the world with animal life, and having done that, she has gone into hibernation in an unknown location. However, if life ever goes extinct, Xcrimnia would re-awaken to seed the world once more.
  • Elthayos: God of the Mind. Elthayos oversees the development of culture, knowledge and civilization for everything that thinks. Her quest is to generate mental diversity and progress, which has given rise to both revolutionary epiphanies and broken insanity. (More often the latter.) Overall, she is notorious among both mortals and gods as an unpredictable and untrustworthy trickster. Though she has her own cult following all the same.
  • Oferia: God of the Underworld. Oferia oversees the judgment of souls of those who have died. Being associated with the morbid subject of the afterlife, she is regarded with confusion and apprehension by mortals. However, she does nothing to interfere with the timing or circumstances of one's death; she merely takes charge of the soul once it is the body dies, and releases it when it is ready to be reincarnated. As a secondary job, she maintains a library of the world's history, with a focus on the progress of civilization.
Some (most?) universes also possess minor gods, who are divine beings (i.e. ageless and physically immortal) that possess limited free will. They may or may not possess great power as well, but it is never comparable to a full-fledged god. Some may be servants of a full god, while others act like wild beasts. (Not assuming anything about their level of aggression.)

No one knows if any gods exist in the Realm of the Gods (despite the name) or the Realm of the Dead.

There are, of course, exceptions to the ways gods work. Oferia works very closely with morals when she judges souls in the afterlife, though in the end her morals vary for each judgment (on purpose; it's part of the process), and she is as amoral as the other gods when not judging souls. And there may exist universes (not part of the canon Cluster) where the gods can act as frivolously as they want. Which would certainly turn the world into a late teen boy's dream dystopia.

Lady Fantasiq:

Beyond the local pantheons, there is actually a god who oversees this entire 13-world system: Lady Fantasiq, Daughter of Creation, the designer and creator of this Cluster, and many other universes beyond. Lady Fantasiq is quite a meta-character, and you can view her from two perspectives:
  1. From the perspective of a citizen within one of the universes, Lady Fantasiq is a literal God of Gods. She personally created your universe's gods, and she is to them what they are to you, to really put things in perspective. She also wields power to match her status, as she can control virtually anything, in any universe, effortlessly. She hardly interferes directly in the universes though, because they tend to run just fine with the resident gods. Most gods don't even know she exists, though once they meet her, they immediately recognize that she stands above them.
  2. On the other hand, as a player of Project Fantasiq, Lady Fantasiq is the personification of the entire project, capturing its character and spirit. This shows why she can freely create, drive, manipulate and destroy any universe known to the in-game people.

Lady Fantasiq is always calm and collected, sensible, and really respectable and admirable as a goddess. (Well, with her power level, she can't afford to whimsically go on rages, can she?)
Outside of formal interactions / when she's off-duty though, she loves to have a lot of fun and do a lot of joking and acting within the universes, sneaking under the noses of all her gods. She is omniscient and omnipotent, so her roleplaying is indistinguishable from real acting. (Which is actually pretty fun to imagine when you consider most other people don't have 4 arms.) If you consider her namesake (she embodies "fantasy"), you might see why she's so heavily inclined towards make-believe. :P
Side note: Most of the art I do of her is her in a playing mood.


Lady Fantasiq is, in fact, not even at the top of the hierarchy of gods, even with all her power. The one who trumps even her is Xyŕ, the Great God of Creation, the maker of absolutely all that exists. Well, he doesn't actually make everything directly, but one of his direct creations is Lady Fantasiq, that's why her title is Daughter of Creation. Through her and his other direct creations (who are dubbed Sons and Daughters, or collectively Children), he creates everything else: universes, everything in those universes, everything between those universes, and everything beyond those universes. In perspective, Lady Fantasiq can be thought of as just one of his arms.

Lady Fantasiq has a specialization, "fantasy", which means she is in charge of worlds with experimental, "what if" concepts. She represents the imaginative part of Creation.
The other Children of Creation aren't revealed to us, but they all have their own specializations as well.

Note that the canonical Cluster was never designed to be a "perfect" system, for example:
  • Even though what is "good" is actually subjective, the design of the Cluster defines five axioms of "goodness" for us, each represented by a Colour. (What this means is that the Holy universes aren't necessarily "good", nor the Evil universes "evil".)
  • Out of the 13 universes, there is a clear bias towards Lozru.
The Cluster is simply a system, with many experimental concepts, and not designed with particular goal (for example, to be as realistic or as wacky as possible)... well, actually there is a goal, which is to be a fantasy world where many races interact on even terms, and eventually cooperate against the challenges of the environment at large.

Xyŕ lives in some great void beyond, where not even time exists. Because he is so powerful, he stays absolutely motionless and never interferes directly in anything, instead relaying his will to his Children for them to carry out.
However, it seems Lady Fantasiq doesn't obey his wishes completely sometimes. This hints at a more complex relationship than just master and servant, but it's all speculation beyond this point.

To summarize, here is a diagram on the hierarchy of Creation:

Fantasiq hierarchy by Jon-Smitten

-------{   STORY   }-------

Project Fantasiq's canon takes the form of a series of stories that chronologically occur one after another. Most of the stories occur in the central universe, Lozru, as mentioned earlier. One of them occurs in the Purple Evil universe instead.

The stories in order are listed below:
(none of them have any official names yet, so I'm using taglines as placeholders)

Story/Game 1 - The gods and the reckoning:

It's the first volume of history. Wilderness covers the lands, and technology is medieval.

You play as the gods, one by one, in each of the six Acts of the game, gathering power and interacting with the mortals as your job dictates. However, you soon notice that something is not quite right in the world, and you share your observations with the other gods.
The six Acts occur chronologically, with major events or revelations marking the end of one Act and the start of another.

Note that the gods aren't exactly allies; they don't necessarily work together or agree on the same goals, but they won't ever fight each other. Their relationship is more like colleagues if anything. Each of them has their own take on what is going on, and act independently, in addition to their usual duties.

Aside from gathering power and intelligence, you also have to consider what the other parties (both gods and the various mortal factions) are up to and their relationships with you and each other, and make certain decisions accordingly to further your own purposes.

The clues you gather point at a mysterious entity called Goadesfere, who seems intimately linked with the disturbances in the world and is thus the center of investigation for you. If you've been attentive, I only mentioned five gods, but there are six Acts: the final Act is from Goadesfere's point of view.

Goadesfere finally comes into direct conflict with the other gods at the end of the game. Things are resolved in this final battle, but the ensuing destruction has caused the entire Cluster to destabilize. (In particular, Titius has been weakened, and the darkness from Umera has correspondingly started to gain ground over Lozru.) The gods return to their usual business with slight modifications to their purpose, while everyone prepares for the eventual descent into chaos, setting the stage for the next game.

Story/Game 2 - The aftermath, and restoration:

(colony sim)
The disturbance in the Cluster that occurred in the previous story has caused an upsurge of dark energy, throwing civilization into a state of emergency as they struggle with the new development. Mysterious portals are opening throughout the land, and ferocious monsters are pouring from them. These monsters have taken to attacking communities and settlements, and the shock has caused the less defended towns to fall.

(The gods do not help as part of the resolution of the previous story is that civilization has grown strong enough to defend itself. Directly helping is outside of the gods' job scope anyway (except Goadesfere and maybe Charserrys), and they have to repair the damage that Goadesfere caused as a higher priority. And actually, none of the gods have the knowledge or power to solve the root of the problem, since this scenario has never been seen before.)

This story focusses on a small caravan of imps, led by a learned human woman (you), as they settle down to build a new town, a refuge against the darkness that is now spreading. Build up your resources, your town and your defenses, and repel the evil that has overtaken the land. Attract more wanderers to join your ranks and get them to sign up in your guild, take care of them, pay them and gear them up, and they will go looting for you in return. And when you're ready, go on the offensive to stop the darkness from spreading once and for all.

While going about your usual business, you gradually come to discover a solution to the spreading darkness. While you have been able to secure individual portals thus far, there exists a great magic ritual that would be able to correct the balance of energy in the universe and seal the portals for good.

Some monsters were marooned on Loz-P, and continue to multiply and be aggressive. But at least the core of the problem is solved, and the universe will recover in time with continued effort. During your endeavour, you have even met and even hired a few friendly monsters yourself, so maybe the monsters aren't so bad.

Story/Game 3 - The other universes, and prevention:

(party-based RPG)
This story is split into two halves, happening simultaneously. (I haven't figured out the story properly yet though. :P )

In the first half, you play Ybize, a dark rogue who for unknown reasons ended up in an abandoned dungeon on a small, deserted island. Use your wits to survive, and build up a camp and finally start exploring the island for clues to how you ended up in this situation. There are monsters on the island which you have to fight off, but remarkably, there are also a few who are friendly and would join you on your adventures if you can satisfy them. Eventually, you'll be able to build a ship to sail to the mainland, where the adventure continues.

In the second half, you play Spinthia, a prodigious child said to be favoured by the gods, and is the youngest White Knight in the royal court. Spinthia is a wild spirit who never really cared in court affairs, but the assassination of the queen one day caused her to finally get down to business.

Their two quests eventually cause them to meet, and suspect the other person to be the perpetrator of what's going on. They engage in a direct confrontation, after which they learn the other's story and agree to work together.
(Not sure what happens from here.)

They eventually discover that the magic ritual from the previous story, while restoring the balance between holy and dark energy, has aggravated the initial misalignment of the other 10 universes that was also caused by the events of Story 1. This led to portals being opened between each of the 10 universes and Lozru, in locations where the resistance was the weakest. A few of the portals have already been discovered and expeditions have been conducted to bring unique and valuable resources from the other universes back to Loz-P. However, the shifting of the auxiliary universes is getting worse, and their drifting needs to be halted by another great spell or they will collide with Lozru, eventually obliterating everything. Thus, it is regrettable but necessary to urgently close the portals and stop the universes' drifting before the state of the Cluster becomes irreversible.

Story/Game 4 - Reconnecting to Lozru:

(RPG / colony sim)
When the portals were sealed in the previous story, some mortals who could not be contacted or could not return in time were inevitably left on the other side, to fend for themselves in an unknown universe. Most died to the natural savagery of the other universes, but remarkably, some were able to survive, and even had children to continue the fight. However, their own nature got warped by the universe they were in, turning them into something in between their original race and the original denizens of the universes, thereby making them more adapted to survive in that universe.
I don't have a good term for them yet, so I'll just call them hybrids.
The hybrids have always been regularly hunted by the native monsters of the world, but they've developed to be adaptable and resilient. Thus, even though they are subject to attacks and nasty surprises and risk their lives on a daily basis, they are calm and treat it as part of everyday life.

This story is set in Ivågthuveil, some 60 years after the portals were closed. We play as Cavienne, a young hybrid noble - the status as a noble meaning she has retained more human qualities than the average hybrid. She is also a psymeister by training.
Additionally, she was born with the mark of a local god, Recysinthe, on her upper back, thus being marked as one of Recysinthe's servants.

This was one of those times where Cavienne's home town was under a siege too heavy to withstand, and as the last resort, everyone was evacuated from the town using a spell that teleported them in groups to random locations on the Planet. (It had to be truly random so their pursuers couldn't trace their destinations and give chase.) And so, Cavienne became the de facto leader of her group of fellow survivors (since she is the only noble), and has to lead them to build a new settlement, and perhaps find or attract the other survivors of her town, while fending off the increasingly hard-hitting monster attacks.
Also, if she could find Recysinthe, it would open new options for her through the divine system of Ivågthuveil that would eventually allow the re-opening of a portal back to Lozru. (Safely this time, because the universes have already stopped moving.)

Story/Game 5 - Expansion into space:

With the knowledge provided by Cavienne in the previous story, the people on Loz-P were able to re-open the portals to the other universes, permanently this time, and technology and diversity of biology and culture benefitted greatly. Eventually, as civilization settled back into a steady rhythm, technology advancements have finally allowed the denizens of Loz-P to take to outer space.

There isn't so much a single solid story here than a collection of stories/games that happen around this era, all centered on exploration or combat outer space.

(Zauryu belongs to this era. Possibly Zhuwre too.)

//link to dedicated Fantasiq Multiverse article pending

Cooltext239749874959492 by Jon-Smitten
As mentioned, some of these universes originally belonged under the Rhythmatic multiverse, but there's no practical difference.

Some of the stories may possibly fit into Project Fantasiq as unrelated games. (i.e. They utilize the game engine that Project Fantasiq provides, but have no connection to its main canon.)

-------{   UNIVERSE EORAXA   }-------

Originally designed for Rhythmatic, Universe Eoraxa is a world where all supernatural beings from our real world actually exist. This universe is, in a word, dynamic: With so many supernatural creatures trying to one-up one another, and so much conflict, nothing ever stays the same for long. Most creatures are far smarter than humans, but the reason humans aren't extinct is because a lot of the creatures need humans for sustenance and without humans they would starve as well. Also, humans pose a minor concern compared to the other creatures they are competing with.

It's one of the darker universes I created, along with "lich story" below, because of all the manipulation and political play involved.

This universe contains a few unrelated stories from different locations and eras. There's the main story (the first to be conceived and most developed one), and other small stories that probably serve better as character backstories.

I possibly want to transfer some of the premises to Project Fantasiq instead, depending on whether Eoraxa or Project Fantasiq can make better use of it. Both worlds feature supernatural creatures prominently. However, Project Fantasiq isn't as faithful to the creatures' original lores (instead I extrapolated their features from their fundamental characteristics) and has a lighter tone, with more cooperative elements. Conversely, Eoraxa is intended to be as faithful to the established real-world lore as far as possible, and has a much darker, you-can't-trust-anyone tone.

Main Story - Sylviri & Jasqueline:

The main story is Sylviri's story, which takes place around the Middle Ages (this world's equivalent of it).

Sylviri has been a normal girl, until an alternate personality awakened within her one night for unknown reasons, that led her to behave as a feral vampire, and has continued every night since. Thus, by day she was a normal girl, but about two hours after sunset she would fall unconscious and wake up moments later as a hungry vampire. She did not know about her predicament at first, but gradually her two minds started assimilating into one another, making her remember her experiences as a vampire during the day, and regaining a bit of her sanity during the night. She was freaked out by this revelation, and tried all means to restrain herself, but found that when starved, she would only enter a frenzied mode that would cause even more damage, and whatever method she tried to kill herself with didn't work as she kept regenerating, even during the day as a human.

One of those nights when she forcefully chained herself down, she was found by Jasqueline, a trueborn vampire noble who came to investigate the commotion. Through her, Sylviri started to learn about vampires and came to terms with what she became, also learning about the greater world of vampires, humans and politics. Thus, Sylviri starts acting as Jasqueline's aide, both day and night, as well as developing her own agendas, as she gets mixed into a chaotic world, surviving with her unique were-vampire quirks and wit.

Backstory - Hane:

Hane is a three-tailed kitsune who was rescued and tended to by Yuui, a shrine maiden, when the former was found injured in the forest. Hane felt indebted to Yuui and decided to work at the shrine in return, to which Yuui found to be overcompensating, and the two eventually fostered a strong bond with each other.

Forty years later, Yuui was in ill health, and on her deathbed she entrusted the shrine to Hane, who has faithfully honoured it since. Even though kitsune were viewed as dangerous, Hane has been around frequently enough for the locals to get to know her, and thus the support of the locals as well as her knowledge of the supernatural and general ability as a kitsune made her a fine shrine maiden.

Hane also has a younger sister with two tails, Namiiro, who visits the shrine semi-regularly and is generally more mischievous and gets told off by the more mature Hane a lot.

Backstory - Tiphron:

Tiphron (Tiph for short) is a lamia who was a test subject in an experimental monster habilitation facility when she was a child. She was best friends with Raella, a human, and Wrrmeide, an arachne. However, Raella got hurt in an accident one fateful day, and Tiph and Wrrmeide were overcome by their monster instincts at the sense of blood, and ate her.

After realizing what she had done to her friend, Tiph was traumatized and took a long time to recover, never wanting to see blood again. While the experiment was declared successful, the facility was shut down for ethical reasons. Tiph and Wrrmeide moved to a human neighbourhood where they grew up (Tiph attended school in human form, while Wrrmeide got home tuition since she couldn't transform).

But one day, Tiph came across Millom, the head of the habilitation facility, and was overcome with rage over how Millom had allowed her best friend to be subject to such a fate. Despite overpowering him, Millom sneered and countered that Tiph knew it was her own fault for what happened, and she couldn't kill him as she'll then become the monster she always thought she was. With no choice, Tiph had to let him go whilst still in agony.

(Wrrmeide seems to have gotten over the trauma just fine, and she's there as emotional support for Tiph when she needs it.)

Backstory - Luurioa:

Luurioa is a lamia, and one of those supernatural creatures who took interest in human society (particularly food) after getting bored of the taste of humans. Disguising herself, she has managed to earn a comfortable living as an office lady, with a nice high-rise apartment and plenty of coffee to soak in (figuratively :P ).

She has a confident air and presents herself very well, and is actually quite sociable and witty and gives good life advice. She's also frequently seen eating or drinking something, when she's allowed to.

Backstory - Makichi:

Makichi is a two-tailed kitsune who decided to run away from home one day because her parents were too cold and strict. She decided human society was a good fit for her, and using her superior skills and intellect, she slipped past the humans' detection system, adopted a fake identity and went to attend human school.

Makichi is submissive and sociable, but avoids personal questions since she can't answer them truthfully. She's also a closet bibliophile, and has sometimes been caught in the school library after hours. It's a contented, but fragile life, as at any moment she may be found out as a kitsune.

Supporting her is Nomiya, a nekomata who's also masquerading as a student, and is the president of the "Green Club". On paper, the club is an interest club for botany and nature, but that's actually a façade to mask how it is actually a club for the supernatural students of the school to intermingle. Nomiya herself is loud and cheerful but drops hints to Makichi to help her succeed at school life as a supernatural creature.

-------{   UNIVERSE ACLOEDIA   }-------

Another Universe originally designed for Rhythmatic. This universe supports the existence of ghosts: purely psychological entities who cannot be perceived directly, but affect the minds of the living in various ways. Due to the strong psychological focus, this universe is actually quite morbid, but I want to have a generous amount of lighthearted moments as well to push the general atmosphere towards neutral territory.

Our main protagonist is Salchary, a girl who met with an accident one day and gained the ability to perceive ghosts physically, opposed to psychologically. This means that she became immune to their psychological effects, instead perceiving them with her eyes and ears as if they were normal people (if they didn't float and weren't translucent, that is). (Her eyes don't actually pick up anything, rather her brain got rewired such that the psychological effects from ghosts are instead interpreted as normal sensory information.)

The story starts a few years after the accident, where she returns to school after a long-term hospitalization leave. Rumours of her being able to see ghosts have spread but were dismissed as her being crazy by the large majority of the student body. Salchary made friends normally, but soon found that ghostly incidents happen pretty frequently in the school. And thus, she became a de facto ghost whisperer, helping to solve the school's many supernatural cases, and earning a reputation in the process. Joining her are her dreamy classmate Ilfer, ghost nerd Jolen and a handful of ghosts whom Salchary helped and thereafter stayed on to return the goodwill. The ghost squad includes Roanque - Ilfer's imaginary childhood friend turned real, Onsiaxna - a medieval princess who died by plague and carries a lantern, and Sheiron - a genderless doppelgänger who poses as their club teacher (who's a young man). And of course there are ghosts who are Salchary's acquaintances but not directly affiliated with her ghost-hunting activities.

-------{   UNIVERSE JIDAESIA   }-------

Also another Universe originally designed for Rhythmatic. This universe is split into two sub-universes: Reaphia and Loreria. Reaphia is an alternative Earth, with the same technology and culture, but different locations, people and places. Loreria is a fantasy world where the two forces of light and dark magic are in conflict.

The story follows the protagonist Suzy, who is a living shadow, animated by dark magic. She has somehow gained sentience and autonomy, and escaped to Reaphia where she wandered, and was adopted by a solitary old man into a home. With her many quirks and abilities as an animated shadow, she then tries to live a normal school life, but has to balance that with the conflicts going on Loreria that she inevitably got tangled with.

Aiding her is her best friend Yaika, a normal human who discovered her nature by accident and decided to help her with it, as well as Ryosky and Gyasden, a dark and light mage respectively who transferred to Suzy's school. Another notable classmate is Quiss, who is suspicious of Suzy and intends to catch her acting weird on camera, to which Yaika develops an aggressive defence towards.

An fun quirk is that while the story is told from Suzy's perspective, Yaika is the one narrating as Suzy cannot make any sound whatsoever. Sometimes Yaika breaks the fourth wall to comment on the situation from her own perspective.

Unfortunately, I haven't come up with any serious plot yet. Insofar it only focusses on how Suzy lives as a normal-looking student, and some prodding on how she came to be and what Ryosky and Gyasden have to do with it. There may be potential for a nice story, but there isn't much I can think of right now.


My oldest standalone universe (i.e. was never part of Rhythmatic), this series focusses on the eponymous Dr Freudemann, a doctor by day and a raving mad scientist "BENT ON WORLD DOMINATION!!!" at all other times. Or so he says, but in reality he's never caused any real damage, and he actually helps to protect the city (which he calls his "turf") from the other, truly malicious and aggressive mad scientists.

Assisting him is his cute 10-year-old daughter Tylie, who goes to school and acts like a normal girl, except she has that mad scientist streak in her as well, which means she's really smart at science, has no sense of disgust for physical things, and is prone to maniacal inspiration.

Along the way, they also befriend Yoko, a socially anxious mad scientist-level hacker, who supports them in their shenanigans.

The whole series is meant to be a over-the-top take on the theme of mad scientists, saturated with both comedy and badassery.

//link to in-depth article pending?

-------{   SAUCERY   }-------

What started out as a lame pun turned into an actual idea for a whole (J)RPG hack-n'-slash game. It's intended to be bubbly, light-hearted and filled with strange jokes and twists throughout. Though as of right now, there're still many holes to fill in the story, for example what the ending of the game should be, and tying it back to saucery.

In this universe, not everyone develops magic abilities, and those who do are honoured and treated as heroes of the land. We follow the adventures of our protagonist Carmen, our 12-year-old master of the kitchen who happened to develop this strange ability to summon various crockery and non-metal kitchen appliances and command them with her will. A weird strain of magic to be sure, but magic nonetheless. So, she was awkwardly hailed as another magician, and enrolled into the city's magic academy.

Because her magic was so unorthodox, they didn't know which class to put her in, so she ended up taking personalized lessons from a home economics teacher and the school's chef in the school's kitchen. She also took up residence there, in return for her help with cooking the meals for the other students.

Now, magic students can greatly improve their standing if they take on and satisfactorily complete an assignment: A quest from the school to investigate and/or resolve magic-related incidents in the outside world. Carmen was in a difficult position to take one up, given how her magic was so esoteric, nor was she able to find someone willing to go questing with her to help back her up. After a long while, Carmen finally managed to grab a reluctant partner - Razaelea, a fire magician who's failing at grades and at making friends because she's too haughty - and go blazing the path to success as a magician, recruiting more unorthodox friends along the way (various other students at the academy, one vagrant, one dryad and one vampire), and uncovering a devious plot in the process.

//link to in-depth article pending

-------{   lich story (no official name yet)   }-------

This is intended to become a story-based JPRG. Probably the darkest story I'll ever venture to, though not so dark as to have a downer ending (spoiler, heh). It's probably my richest story too, with many events and many details (and a lot of twists and thus spoilers), but as with the other stories, I haven't planned everything out yet by far. I do have the general story flow in mind already though. The story spans three main Acts, which are marked by major developments at their conclusions.

The world is experiencing open conflict between the Church and the forces of necromancy. Our protagonist, Farence, lives in a relatively low-profile village and is largely unaffected by this war. He can only grumble at the current state of affairs as the Church made ever increasing demands on the village in order to fund their campaign against necromancy. However, he is pushed over the edge when the Church marched into his village and caused a tussle which got his sister killed, and he deserted the village with a burning desire for revenge. A strange girl joined him and convinced him that siding with necromancy can help him both put the hurt back on the Church, and bring his sister back to life. So with that, he embarked on his dark quest, the rest of the messed up world be damned.

//link to in-depth article pending

-------{   mad island story (no official name yet)   }-------

I potentially want to add this as an unrelated story in Project Fantasiq.

This story's protagonist is Ezekiel: the very definition of an insane psychopath, complete with lots of maniacal laughter. Awakening in a destroyed laboratory on a small uncharted island, she quickly finds herself pitted against the monsters and mutants who were once captive in the lab but now roam free. After asserting her dominance by force, she only discovers that the lab, and indeed the entire island, is deserted.

But the fight has only just began, for outsiders are quickly en route to land on the island's shores, with various hostile intents. Ezekiel has to take control of the island herself, using whatever she could salvage or activate from the lab and its island-wide network of systems, from equipment to installations to science, and defend herself and the island's secrets from the increasingly relentless invaders. 
She must preserve the island and everything on it, for they are the only clues she has to how all this came to be: what the lab was for, what part she had to play in it, and why the whole island is such a cursed existence. And, unbeknownst to the player themself, Ezekiel herself has been keeping a deep secret underneath her raging insanity...

(see Ezekiel)

-------{   Others   }-------

There are still lots of other random characters and short/incomplete stories who don't fit anywhere, so just a heads up that not all my OCs belong in one of the sections above.


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I started drawing in mid-2010, when I wanted to take on an entire game project by myself. (It also got me into programming and music. :P ) Since then, art has become a general passion where I can just draw whatever weird ideas come to mind. :P I draw random one-off ideas, my own OCs, and fan-art.

I upload art very irregularly; sometimes only a few days in between uploads, sometimes a few months. My style and skill are similarly irregular. Thus, you can observe how my themes jump everywhere. :P Though mostly, I center around an attractive-cute manga style with a general theme of "fantasy" and a mixing of conventional and unusual ideas, and sometimes a sprinkling of "wut.". >:)

I'm actually hoping to get to a pro level at art, to make legit art for my OCs and original universes, and also to bring my jokes to epic level. ♥ >:)

Most of the work is done digitally now, but the original line work is done traditionally (i.e. with pencil and paper).


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