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Zauryu (OC)
DeviantART / ruined my day when I submitted this work directly from, and the entire description got wiped. Here is what I can remember from the old description:

Zauryu, an original character. Completed in Feb 2017 (though most of the work was done in June last year).

Somehow feels incomplete, but I don't know what else I can do to improve it. :/


ABOUT HARPIES (my own lore):
Harpies are half-bird, half-woman monsters who are best known for their flocking, sentience and ability to fly. Lacking opposable thumbs, they have to use their talons instead to do fine motor work, and this fundamental change in morphology has caused designs by and for harpies to be uniquely different from those for other species. (e.g. In the drawing, the keyboards are built into the floor instead of being at table level.)

Being one of the few sentient beings that can fly, harpies have an uncontested rule of the sky. (The only main oppositions they have are the dragonkin, who would rather keep to their own territories, and the rare flying beast.) Early harpy communities exploited this mercilessly by harassing and plundering other species' communities as a means of survival. As technology developed, ways emerged for other civilizations to deal with flying creatures, and the harpies had to leverage other strengths in order to stay afloat. The harpies are artistic by nature, and their cities have developed into wonders of culture, hosting many unique and inspiring forms of art, music, dance, literature, sculpture, ceremony and architecture. The harpies are also socially adept, and were able to maintain complex diplomatic relations to protect themselves against threats. As the world became more modernized and civil, many races intermingled with each other on a frequent basis. Harpies continue to leverage their high mobility, and have found a niche in anything related to air, art, or navigation.

Zauryu joined the Global Space Defence Force (GSDF) along with many others during a time where space exploration and defence were big priorities. Zauryu was appointed as a pilot and now pilots the Nightfarer, a small courier craft capable of ferrying passengers and cargo alike. Those who have met Zauryu find her to be jovial and enthusiastic about lending a talon (so to speak), and it could even be said she treats everyone like family. Those who know her well enough understand that she does have a strong familial sense: She joined the GSDF with the threats looming in the depths of outer space in mind, and feels that she has to play a role in ensuring her family, particularly her many siblings, continue to be able to live peacefully and contentedly. And despite her collected exterior expressed passion for her job, she deeply wishes for peace and security so that she may finally go back to stay with her family at last.
Terraria fan-art: Bouncy~~
Completed in Jan 2017. My first animation! ^_^

I have this idea where my PC Alicia encounters this friendly slime girl, then one day she gives her a toy crown after realising she really likes it. Slime like shiny thingz. It's called a slime crown for something. :P

A bouncy slime is a happy slime!
Hoosh uh heppeh widdle shu-wyme gurrh~~ \(>∇<)/



Jon-Smitten's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I couldn't come up with a better profile name, sorry :P

I started drawing in mid-2010, when I wanted to take on an entire game project by myself. (It also got me into programming and music. :P ) Since then, art has become a general passion where I can just draw whatever weird ideas come to mind. :P I draw random one-off ideas, my own OCs, and fan-art.

I upload art very irregularly; sometimes only a few days in between uploads, sometimes a few months. My style and skill are similarly irregular. Thus, you can observe how my themes jump everywhere. :P Though mostly, I center around an attractive-cute manga style with a general theme of "fantasy" and a mixing of conventional and unusual ideas, and sometimes a sprinkling of "wut.". >:)

I'm actually hoping to get to a pro level at art, to make legit art for my OCs and original universes, and also to bring my jokes to epic level. ♥ >:)

Most of the work is done digitally now, but the original line work is done traditionally (i.e. with pencil and paper).


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